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The Cameron Sanders Scholarship is named after Cameron Charles Servon Sanders. Cameron Sanders was born on July 28, 2000, in Memphis, Tn. Since an infant, he displayed the wonderful characteristics of being amiable, frank, witty and extremely intelligent. He loved his family, especially his mother. Born the fourth

out of five children, he made certain to

express his unconditional love for her by

keeping her proud throughout childhood

and adolescence. He did this by simply

being himself. In his high school years he

was a member of the male gymnastics

team and football team. He loved to read

Greek mythology in his spare time, when

he wasn’t playing NBA 2K. He scored

exceedingly high on state tests, and won

.all of the family debates with his cleverness

In his third year of high school, Cameron

began an online program in which he was

set to graduate one semester early! He was

so advanced and mature at the age of 16

he became employed as a cook at Steak N

Shake to attain his own funds. He began

saving up for a car, even before obtaining his driver’s license. While he drove me to his driver’s education class, I sat in the passenger’s seat and he listened to me preach about applying to college. Although he was already in the process of applying for colleges he was interested in, I stressed the importance of including Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He listened closely as I told him about the empowering experience Tennessee State University provided me. He smiled and replied, “Ok sis, I am going to look into it”. That was the last conversation I had with him. In hopes of preserving the goals and dream of a young male like Cameron, the Cameron Sanders Scholarship will be granted to aid them on their pursuit to graduate college

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